The Classroom

Integrating traditional education techniques with modern technology, our classrooms prepare students for their future academic careers. With our small class sizes, each student receives the individual care and attention that they need to succeed. With Biblically based curriculum, our students are constantly receiving the Truth and developing their faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:17). 



Reading and learning the Bible is a core part of our curriculum for every grade. The school book companies that we use are Abeka and BJU Press. Both brands use Biblical principles and objectives when teaching the students about the core subjects.


Mathematics - God has made a perfect order to everything in the universe.


Science - God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).


History - The Forefathers of the United States founded this country on Biblical morals and values.


As an ongoing program, the children are encouraged to memorize Bible verses and are awarded for exemplary Christian character each week at our Friday Assembly school gathering.



Smartboards and computers are amazing learning tools that are being integrated into our classrooms. All classes have access to our computer lab for word processing, activities, and research. The children are able to interact with what they are being taught and it allows them grow with the ever changing world of technology. 



From dioramas portraying a story from literature to science experiment presentations, students are challenged to think outside the box and use their imagination. These projects will challenge individual creativity, and group projects will create an atmosphere of teamwork while learning.

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