The Lighthouse Church School is committed to training Christian character and strong academics. 

Our dedicated staff meet the diverse educational needs of each student

with vision, hope, and purpose.

It is our goal to show each and every student "the most excellent way.



We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!  Our prayers continue to go out to those in our school family affected directly by the sickness as well as the large numbers of those impacted by the effects of this time.  We are anxiously awaiting the day when we can meet all together again!  Our teachers and staff are grateful for your partnership, hard work, and prayers - we have the best school family in the world!  


In praying for our school community and our upcoming school year, I believe God has a great plan even in the midst of this very unique time.  It isn’t an accident that we are here, but according to 1 Peter 2:9, we are actually “a chosen people, God’s very own possession!” And as a result, “we can show others the goodness of God!” God loves us and is working all things together for good! 


Our governor has put restrictions on certain counties within the state that have a higher rate of infection, and unfortunately our area is still under these restrictions.  We are hoping and praying that the numbers will continue decreasing to the point that we can once again meet all together in person.  


Although we don’t have any definite answers as when we can return to campus all together again, our plan is to open the year facilitating a variety of learning opportunities.  Our teachers are offering personal tutoring sessions, leading distance learning classes, and providing opportunities for one on one assistance.  Each teacher is given flexibility on how they are diversifying with the different learning opportunities, but each class will definitely be on schedule to make the most of this time and to excel as they complete each respective grade level.  


We are excited to announce the completion of numerous maintenance and upgrade projects at the school these last few months - the building is looking good!  A big “Thank You” and “You’re Awesome!” to everyone who has participated!  If anyone would like to join the crew, volunteers are welcome. 


The Lighthouse Church School family is the Best!


In His Grace,

Pastor Josh

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