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Lighthouse Staff

Who We Are

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Annie Cho


Annie Cho, the Principal at Lighthouse School, boasts a richly diverse background spanning various fields. From her role in establishing Morningstar Education to her analytical contributions in the entertainment sector and her experience as an account executive at a marketing firm, Annie brings a wealth of expertise. Raised in a family deeply rooted in pastoral and missionary work, she has traversed the globe, gaining invaluable insights from diverse cultures.

Annie holds nursing licenses in both New York and California, alongside notable academic accomplishments including an MBA from UC Davis, brief studies at a medical school in Korea, a BSN, and a minor in music from NYU. However, her true passion lies in shaping the next generation. She is driven by a desire to foster Spirit-filled, Jesus-centered, and fully-prepared leaders for the future. Annie is dedicated to nurturing not only the students but also her staff and teachers, always open to ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Based in Santa Monica with her husband, Hyun, and their daughters, Amy and Jessica, Annie leads an active lifestyle. She enjoys engaging in a variety of physical activities including pilates, hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, and boxing. Alongside her love for music and literature, Annie is renowned for her organizational prowess, proactive approach, and innovative mindset. She is the go-to person for inspiration and growth within the school community.

Josh Scribner


Josh Scribner, pastprl at Lighthouse School,

Tess Brown

Office Manager

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Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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